Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Fall Session Starts

Hey All
After a very successful Spring Session we will be starting our Fall Session.
The date are listed on the Calendar to the right. August 21 will be the first day back. You will notice NO Mornings for the first week as I will be teaching a University Kids Course for 3 days.
Same plan as before call into the Muller Student at 4pm for Evening Sessions and 4pm the day before for Morning Sessions. Hope to see you all out

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Start of The Season....Whoooohooo

So it looks like we will be able to start the season. There are still a few wet patches on the hill but we will just have to do our best to avoid those. Starting tomorrow evening Friday April 20 I will turn the student phone on at 4pm. I am hoping to teach that night as well. This weekend we have a Intro class so nothing in the morning but we will be available Saturday evening.

So if you want to come out then phone at 4pm for evenings sessions or 4pm day before for morning sessions.

403-804-8373. Please don't leave messages or text this number as its a simple flip phone.

If you need to speak to me for other reasons outside of the 4pm-5pm window please call 403-932-6760

See you all soon. Please keep an eye on the calendar as I will cancel sessions if know in advance of No chance of flying or ground handling.


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Start of the Season

As you're all aware we are having an very slow start to the Season. I was hoping to get everyone out and running by now. We are currently on a wait for warmer weather and less snow. As of right now please continue looking at this blog as I will update it soon as we are able to start teaching. Also the student Calendar at:


So back to the waiting game.

When we are ready to teach the student phone will be turned at 4pm on teaching days and 4pm Mondays for the Tuesday Mornings.

The Routine is call 403-804-8373 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Evenings between 4pm to 4:30pm
for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings call day before between 4pm-4:30pm
(Saturday and Sunday only on weekends with no Intro classes please check the Student Calendar for those)

If you have other concerns please call 403-932-6760. Please leave a message and we will get back to you.


Friday, September 8, 2017

Fall High Flights

Dear Students and Customers

The Fall High Flight Course will be taking place on Sept.29,30 and Oct 1. The plan is to fly Friday Late Afternoon, Saturday Morning, Saturday Late Afternoon and Sunday Morning. Sounds like a large group is planning to go so should be lots of trucks going up.

As this is the end to the Mountain Season we would like to invite all the students from the past, current and future to come by for a Beer and Wine Social.

Where: Keith RV Spot ( Roughly #60 )
When: Sept. 30th around 8pm(ish to well depends on the weather)

We will supply some Beer and Wine and all you need is a chair.

As its likely the Fire Ban will still be on we may need to dress warm.

Please RSVP to the post on our Facebook Page so we can buy enough Beer and Wine


Muller Windsport Team

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Weather Station

Hey Crew. The New Holfuy Weather Station is up and running. Thanks to everyone who donated. Now hopefully its flyable soon. The Camera will be a lot clearer when the sun shines otherwise its kind of gloomy.


Friday, March 24, 2017

Start of the 2017 Season

Hey Studentos
The season is right around the corner. Our plan is to start with an evening session Tuesday April 4th.
The plan is the same as previous years and that you call the student phone @ 4pm each day for the evening sessions and @ 4pm the day before for morning sessions. The phone number is 403-804-8373 and will only be turned on between 4pm and 5pm. If for some reason no one answers please just call back as it means we are likely on the other line with another student. DO NOT LEAVE MESSAGES or TEXT this phone. If you need to speak with an Instructor outside of the 4pm time frame then please call the Main Office Number 403-932-6760.

The Schedule is in the top right corner of this page and has been updated.
As for the GroundSchool they have not been set yet as I would prefer you all come out for a couple sessions before we do any of those.
Looking forward to a great season with you all and hope the weather works out for us.

Hope to see you soon

Keith and the Instructors

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Movie Day at Muller Windsports (NEW TIMES)

Sorry for the change in times but it was like herding cats trying to get this all to line up with Will and Gavin's busy weekend with the Banff Film Fest going on at the same time.

What: We will show 3 films 1st: The Rocky Mountains Traverse Starring Will Gadd and Gavin McClurg (52mins) Will Gadd will be available for a bit of Q&A
2nd: North of Known by Gavin McClurg and Dave Turner (52mins) plan to start at around 5:15 Gavin will be in house for a Q&A after his film.
3rd: Inside The RedBull Xalps 2015 (52Mins)

When: November 6th Shop will open at 3:30pm ( First Film at 4pm )

Who: Everyone and Anyone

Where: Muller Windsports Shop ( there will be chairs )

Cost: There will be a cost of 15$ per person to help pay for Gavin's expenses and to encourage him to film more films.

Please bring your own snacks and drinks ( BYOB )

Dont forget Clocks Back on Saturday before you go to bed

Any questions please email keith@mullerwindsports.com