Thursday, June 26, 2008

Long Days

Well yet another day (Wednesday) that started at 8am and finished at 9:30pm. The day started off looking less than desirable but slowly became very nice around 9am. We had several students getting around 3 flights each. 
After the afternoon passed we saw Ken R, Ken L, Jeff L, Ang, Daniel, Peter(transport), Peter(Nurse), Allan, Jeff V, Steve, Mathieu, Chad, Devin, Clint and even myself getting a flight. The night was the night for Chad as he was able to fly for a solid 10mins with at least 100ft over the top of the hill for his first real Ridgesoaring flight with a Top landing. The night was gusty but allowed for some great groundhandling. The students with patience and great reverses where then allowed to fly in the almost too windy conditions. 
The flying in the mornings has been perfect in the mornings with the exception of only a couple days in the past couple weeks. Most students have been getting about 4 flights each morning. This morning we had a few first time intermediates getting their first flights off of Cochrane. Looking forward to introducing them to you all in your next visits to the hill.
This weekend we will be in Golden for High Flights but will resume on Wednesday evening for classes. Please call in on Wednesday at 4pm if you can make it out.
Have a Great Long Weekend

Friday, June 20, 2008


Well let's just say Thursday Night was the Night we had all been waiting for. We had conditions that allowed for some to get their first ridge soaring experiences to several that had some great flights and of course a couple newbies who got some groundhandling in. The day started at 8am with Peter (nurse), Allan, Darcy getting several flights. We started again around 5pm with Peter(nurse), Jeff V, Clint, Chad, Marc and Ian all getting some ridge soaring flights. A couple of them even managed some form of top landing and some with better grace than others. 
Shortly after that Jeff L, Daniel, Allan and Alain all got several extended flights to the bottom. So when it was all said and done we stopped around 9:30 pm as the sun was setting on a great day of flying. 
I would also like to congratulate Allan, Peter (nurse) and Daniel on their purchase of equipment so they can continue their flying careers for many years to come.

Don't forget for those going to Golden we have Ground School Sunday at 2pm


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Farmer and Keith at Cochrane
Photo by Tomo Murase

Well lets just say that Monday proved to be better than Sunday. The day was filled with lots of flying. Myself and a couple more experienced pilots flew during the afternoon while it was rough and windy. But it calmed down enough around dinner time to allow Clint and Chad to take to the air for some ridge soaring. They both had several flights with a couple top landings as well as some side hill landing practice in the SE winds. With the wind at times on the more strong side the students were left to watch for a bit. Farmer and I took to the air for an hour of playing paragliders on the ridge while waiting for it to calm down a bit for the students. The wind calmed down still early in the evening so out came the student gliders with extended flights for most. Tomo, Jeff L, Jeff V, Curtis, Mike, Lilly and Richard all had great flights with some getting a few flights. The conditions allowed for most of them to do their own approaches into the LZ with very little help from Brad or myself. Lets hope this forecast continues. I am interested in taking a group towing on Friday, so please email if your interested at mullerwindsports(at thingy)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Great Father's Day

View From Golden looking South to Invermere BC

Well today was the day. We had a great morning teaching a bunch of first timers at the Ogden Site then it was on to Cochrane hill for some intermediate training. It started with Instructor Clint getting his first real ridge soaring flight with a top landing to wrap it up. Great Job Clint. We then proceeded to get Daniel, Tomo, Peter(Lawyer), Peter(Nurse), Jeff, and two new intermediates from this morning's class a bunch of groundhandling. It was amazing flying for the more experienced pilots including myself all afternoon and early evening. After a few hours of groundhandling everyone got flights with the exception of James and Andrew as it was their first time out. Everyone out tonight is now capable of launching from the reverse position so nice work all of you that came out tonight. The forecast is looking great for this week so I have added Monday evening as a training night. Hopefully see most of you out this week for some training.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Great photo of clouds

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