Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Farmer and Keith at Cochrane
Photo by Tomo Murase

Well lets just say that Monday proved to be better than Sunday. The day was filled with lots of flying. Myself and a couple more experienced pilots flew during the afternoon while it was rough and windy. But it calmed down enough around dinner time to allow Clint and Chad to take to the air for some ridge soaring. They both had several flights with a couple top landings as well as some side hill landing practice in the SE winds. With the wind at times on the more strong side the students were left to watch for a bit. Farmer and I took to the air for an hour of playing paragliders on the ridge while waiting for it to calm down a bit for the students. The wind calmed down still early in the evening so out came the student gliders with extended flights for most. Tomo, Jeff L, Jeff V, Curtis, Mike, Lilly and Richard all had great flights with some getting a few flights. The conditions allowed for most of them to do their own approaches into the LZ with very little help from Brad or myself. Lets hope this forecast continues. I am interested in taking a group towing on Friday, so please email if your interested at mullerwindsports(at thingy)mac.com

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Hey Keith,

great idea to use blogspot. easy access, can check daily. I hope to get up there in July
Peter McKernan