Friday, June 20, 2008


Well let's just say Thursday Night was the Night we had all been waiting for. We had conditions that allowed for some to get their first ridge soaring experiences to several that had some great flights and of course a couple newbies who got some groundhandling in. The day started at 8am with Peter (nurse), Allan, Darcy getting several flights. We started again around 5pm with Peter(nurse), Jeff V, Clint, Chad, Marc and Ian all getting some ridge soaring flights. A couple of them even managed some form of top landing and some with better grace than others. 
Shortly after that Jeff L, Daniel, Allan and Alain all got several extended flights to the bottom. So when it was all said and done we stopped around 9:30 pm as the sun was setting on a great day of flying. 
I would also like to congratulate Allan, Peter (nurse) and Daniel on their purchase of equipment so they can continue their flying careers for many years to come.

Don't forget for those going to Golden we have Ground School Sunday at 2pm


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