Thursday, July 24, 2008

Schedule Changes

Well as some of you know this summer has been a volatile weather patterns in the evenings but the students have been flying a lot in the mornings during the week of course. This week we have been shut down not by weather but the fact they are repaving the road to the shop. The construction has made the road impassable for today and tomorrow. 
That leads us to next week. I will be away for the next 3 weeks as I will be competing in the Paragliding Nationals for the first week then some holiday time after that. Vincene will be in and out of the office if you need something but we will not have any Instructors until August 4th in the evening. Either Doug or Brad will take care of the tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights for those two weeks. Check the schedule on the right of the blog for updates.
Some of the boys have been flying a ton out in Golden and have now completed their Novice exams. So congratulations to Chad, Peter(nurse), Ian for their passing the exam and Jean Michel for completing his intermediate level.
Hope everyones summers are going well and see ya in August.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Every Morning

Well as the title says it has been flyable for the students every morning since we came back from Golden. Several new students have been out getting flights in the mornings. I am sure most of you have been on Stampede hiatus so we will see most of you again starting next week I guess....grin. For anyone wanting to come out this weekend Doug will be working with you as I am headed to Golden to hopefully fly far. Please call in Friday afternoon if you can make it Saturday morning. 
For those of you who qualify for writing the novice exam I will be holding a writing session at 6pm on July 22nd. 
For those of you that do not have the windtalker number that is connected to the shop please dial (403)932-3551. I ask that you phone this number to get used to what is windy and what is not. We have been suffering from a lot of thunder activity and in these cases the windtalker is unplugged to stop it from frying.
Hope all is well in whatever your up to and see ya soon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Golden High Flights

Perfect Weather was what happened. We had a great group of pilots show up for our first High Flights of the year. We had Peter(nurse), Mathieu, Chad, Darcy, Jeff V, Jeff L, Tomo, Curtis, Dan, Ian and Steve joined us for flights. Most guys got at least 3 flights with some getting a fourth on Canada Day morning with no instruction. Very well done guys. I was very impressed at how well everyone responded to being at a different site. The temperatures were very HOT with a daily swim needed to just be able to function. The students kept busy with various activities such as hiking and biking. 
Please check the schedule for the updated student training times.
Hope everyone had a Great Canada Day