Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Golden High Flights

Perfect Weather was what happened. We had a great group of pilots show up for our first High Flights of the year. We had Peter(nurse), Mathieu, Chad, Darcy, Jeff V, Jeff L, Tomo, Curtis, Dan, Ian and Steve joined us for flights. Most guys got at least 3 flights with some getting a fourth on Canada Day morning with no instruction. Very well done guys. I was very impressed at how well everyone responded to being at a different site. The temperatures were very HOT with a daily swim needed to just be able to function. The students kept busy with various activities such as hiking and biking. 
Please check the schedule for the updated student training times.
Hope everyone had a Great Canada Day

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Anonymous said...

Bravo to Keith, Vincene, Clint, Brad and Greg for there experience and help you guys rock !!!