Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Long Time No Chat

Well the Fall season is upon us with a few great nights in the past couple weeks. It all started on my Birthday August 20th that turned out to be ridge soarable all evening bringing out several students for some extended flights. 
Vincene and I then took a group of the instructors down for some extra training over the water in Park City Utah. They all had several flights learning to spin, stall and recover from various collapses while there.
We came home this week to the most amazing Tuesday evening of soarable conditions. It started around 3pm and finished just before dark. Matt from the USA and myself enjoyed a couple hours before Peter(nurse) showed up to get his allotment of airtime. At this point around 6pm James, Ken, Allan, Jason, Trevor, Peter(lawyer) and Tomo got their evening going. Most had 4 or 5 flights in windy but safe conditions. Most of the flights were launched using reverse technique, so practice up kids if you want a better chance of getting nice flights in the windier conditions.
The surprise of the evening was our good buddy Blake who managed his first 7 Flights ever and is now ready to do his own approaches. Great Job Blake.

I was super pleased with the progress that everyone showed throughout the evening considering it was the first time out for some since early July. 
So Cheers to you all

Hope to see you all out in the coming days as the fall should bring us some nice flying weather.


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