Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thursday Sept.11th

The weather gods shined again. We spent the afternoon with some of the instructors getting some flying in. Young Devin rocked the show early with a little bit of Thermal instruction and now knows the Cochrane house thermal inside and out. After two years of flying Cochrane he completed his first 360's coring up over the hill in the lift. With enough of watching him I decided to go get my glider and get some flying in as well. Ross, myself and a few others soared away until the wind picked up just enough to not make it uncomfortable. At this point the students arrived to watch a few Hanggliders soaring. After not long I decided to go check the air and lets just say I did not want to land. Well I did land and got the students going. Todd launched and soared well down to the east side of the ridge and back before realizing he had no radio turned on but he was still above the top of the hill so he turned it on and I talked him through another pass on the ridge. After a 5 min flight I talked him through his first perfect top landing. Good Job Todd. Soon after Todd's flight we got Allan in the air for his first extended flight. Nice launch Allan. The evening continued till darkness began with all of the students getting flights of various lengths. We should give a big welcome to Elaine and Gary for getting their first flights off of the big hill. Nice work everyone and keep it up.
The word of the day is RELAX......grin

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