Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alberta Paragliding Website

Hey Evryone
If you feel this website is of use to you then Paying Kevin Perry a small amount of money would help with the expenses that he incurred all on his own. There is a paypal at the bottom of the page to chip in to keep this going. I personally feel this is long needed to help pilots in Alberta. This is not a Muller Windsports project and I would like to keep it that way this is a page for pilots from a pilot. A site like this is only use full if everyone chips in with articles and information. SO lets encourage Kevin to spend his time and money by helping him out.

Hello everyone. is up and running.  We are continuing to improve it on a weekly basis.  There is a home page with local news and useful paragliding links.  I'm pretty sure the forum will prove to be the most useful item.  In particular, the forum topic "the flying planner" where you can tell your friends that you're going out to the hill or ask friends to join you for some paragliding.  Sign up!  The more people that use the site, the more chances you will have to fly with friends rather than alone.  We all need a local website where we can share information and plan on flying days and or vacations.  I hope you find it useful.  If you have any suggestions please post it on the Alberta paragliding forum.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

End of Year Round Up

>>> Date: Saturday, October 31
>>> For those who wish to write the HPAC rating exams
>>> 9:00am exam writing. please bring your logbook and a pen
>>> 12:30pm BBQ for end of season students
>>> after the BBQ will be ground school #4. This is a bonus ground
>>> school
>>> that sumarizes the information that you will need when continuing
>>> in the
>>> sport. If you have questions, this is the time to ask.
>>> Can you please confirm your attendance. Also let us know what
>>> exams you
>>> will be writing so that we can have enough exams and answer sheets
>>> on
>>> hand.
>>> let us know numbers for the BBQ
>>> Keith & Vincene

Monday, September 21, 2009

Golden Glassoff

To All you free flight freaks:
Mark off your planners/ Daytimers to be at the Muller flight park, Golden B.C. for the 4th annual Golden Glass off, Saturday Sept 26/09[weather day is Sunday]. A good time to be had for all. Get working on your costumes and shine up the dancing shoes, not to mention the great harvest meal. We have a great dance band coming called the electric squirrels. All the proceeds raised from this fun event this year will be equally split between the Willi cross country challenge event fund and the  Search and Rescue organization.
Serge is spearheading a work party on the Sat. Or the Sunday depending on the weather. We plan on realigning and lengthen the North /South runway to better serve the Hangliders. We also would like to cut some brush/ fill in holes/ try and rid the field of the dreaded gopher. I will supply the beer.
Hope you all can make it.
John R. McIsaac

Muller Intermediate Paragliding Students Year End Event

Saturday, October 31
Students who are HPAC members
9:00am exam writing.  bring your logbook.  those with enough hours can write whatever exams they have the requirements for.
all intermediate students are invited to the season end BBQ.
1:00pm (or thereabouts)
ground school #4.  This is an extra ground school to cover the little extras that will help your future flying.  bring questions and Keith will try and give the answers.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Just a few of the work party

Muller Windsports Finest

Work Party

I would like to thank everybody who came out to the work party today at the Cochrane flying site.  A great job and what a huge difference it has made.
thanks so much for donating your time and tools.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cochrane Hill Work Party

Subject: Cochrane Hill Work party

Saturday September 12 at 1:30pm pm we are having a work party to clean up the hill to make it more user friendly to pilots. 
We want to fill in gopher holes and cut brush below launch. 
Please bring any gardening tools and help out.  should be fun
after the work is completed we will have burgers and beer to celebrate
Let us know how many people will be coming so that we can stock up the burgers and beer
talk to Keith if you have any ideas on what else needs to be done to improve the launch/landing area
looking forward to seeing you
Muller Windsports Ltd
Box 2018
Cochrane, AB, T4C 1B8
ph: 403-932-6760
N51 11.753
W114 26.895
check Endless Summer:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Keith and Caroline's Latest Addition

Hello to All
Well sorry for the mass email but no time to give everyone a personal message. I hope to hear from you all and get back to you soon. Sorry if this is a total shock to anyone it just means we have not talked since december....hahaha.

As some of you already heard Caroline and I were expecting our first child this month. Well he is here. He was born Tuesday morning at 12:36am. His name is Loic Gregory MacCullough and weighed 8.4lbs and 52cm length. He came two weeks early but both Momma and Baby are healthy. The labour was very quick as we only spent 1.5 hours in the delivery room and 4 hours total at the hospital before he arrived ( Thanks Sue she ate no pie ). Caroline took nothing for medication in anyway so like I always knew she is one amazing woman. She was unbelievable in there and made it very easy for me when things were looking mighty tough for her.
Some of you saw me in Golden BC Sunday night and Caroline texted me Monday morning so sorry I could not stay and say goodbye....grin. She even let me take a 2.5hr nap Monday afternoon before going to the hospital at just after 8pm
Were super psyched to have a baby together and hope for many great times with you all in the years to come.
Hope all is well for all of you this summer.
Keith, Caroline and Loic
P.S. please change your address books to this email for me as I use the other one very little now...Thanks
For those that want more I have set up my gallery at

username is: loic
password: maccullough

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Student Update

Hey Students
Here is some upcoming Info and Scheduling:

First of all we would like to congratulate the 20 students that
completed their High Flights in Golden and most have now had flights
without my assistance...RIGHT ON!!!
The schedule has been very full lately with me teaching courses in
Golden but with the thunderstorms nightly at Cochrane it has not been
great midweek so not a lot of flying which is normal for July at

Starting this Friday July 24th and continuing till August 5th we will
be closed for teaching as I will be competing in Golden at the WIlli.
I suggest those that qualify to meet up with us in Golden for some
nice morning and evening flying.

The second part of the scheduling most of you are aware of but my
girlfriend and I are expecting a child sometime around Aug. 15th so I
will be passing the reins to Doug, Ross and Brad during my break as I
will be home caring for my girlfriend and baby. My plan is to only be
gone for a week and while I am gone there will most likely not be any
morning flying unless Ross is not away at work as well. Ross will let
Vincene know his schedule so just call in as per instructed on the
online student schedule.

I will also be looking into the Fall Ground Schedule in the next
couple weeks and will post them on the schedule likely early August
sometime. They will not be till September. I would also like to
encourage those that want to aim for the fall High Flight Course to
let Vincene or myself aware of that.

Cheers for now and enjoy the next couple weeks
Keith(time for me to fly and yes I actually fly as well....grin)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Golden High Flights

I would like to thank the person(s) who left the champagne package in my trailer on Sunday. You can be sure that I will enjoy it!
I took over 500 photos this past weekend. They will all be on a dvd and should be ready for pickup at the shop by Wednesday.
Cody, yours in the mail.
There should be at least a couple of good ones of each of you!
It was a great weekend and we were very lucky with the weather.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Should have been here

Well as the title says right after I called the day the wing died
completly. For those that stayed it turned on. I opened the beer and
now sits back in the fridge. Barrett, Kristy, Kevin, Ian, Candice,
crystal and the man of the night Tyler. Tyler managed to soar above
hill height for a few minutes and pulled off a great top landing for
his first soaring flight. Nice job Tyler.
Sorry for those that left.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

An Epic Day by Dan Miller

Sunday, May 18.  An Epic Day
We get started early today, and conditions are spectacular from 7:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon.  Everyone gets three flights today (and some of us get four and five).  A couple of launches are a bit hairy, and there are a few Albatross landings, but the improvement in our skills takes a quantum leap forward.  We practice lots of maneuvers, some thermal flying, and even a few recreational flights. 
Trevor perfects the spiral, Dan gets an "outstanding!" from Chris on his wing-overs, and Terry neatly cores a thermal over the beach directly above our heads for what seems like forever.  Daniel earns the nickname "Big Ears" for an unprecedented 15-minute descent holding the same maneuver for an entire flight.  (He lost radio contact after releasing from the tow, and the air over the lake was a bit turbulent in the afternoon.)  Clint earns our undying admiration for a perfect triple-S maneuver: stall, spin, and sat.  It's the scariest thing we've seen yet, and Clint performs it beautifully.
Chris has not let anyone ride in the boat with him this weekend.  He is superstitious about that: he says there is a curse associated with riding in the boat.  Every time someone does, something goes wrong.  After everyone has had his third flight of the day, Clint decides to challenge fate by taking a ride in the boat.  Nothing goes wrong... yet. 
Later in the day, Clint is back on shore, hooking in for another tow.  He takes a rough bounce on launch, puts his hand out to steady his balance, and his hand strikes a rock on the beach.  He looks down, sees one of his fingers sticking out at a funny angle, and brakes hard to abort the launch.  (Paraglider pilots may be a little nuts, but no one wants to fly with a broken finger.)  Chris stops the tow within about six feet, so Clint isn't hurt getting dragged along the rocky shore.  But he is pulled into the water, so he's the first one to get wet this weekend. 
A few minutes later Chris is on the prow of the boat, which is now pulled up to the edge of the water.  The rest of us are standing on either side of Clint, and we are all leaning in close to inspect his little finger, which looks like it has just grown a crazy-ass fourth knuckle.  Someone suggests that maybe it is only dislocated, but Clint can't move it and he's sure it's broken.  There's a discussion on where we ought to take him: to the hospital in Salt Lake City or to the walk-in clinic in Nephi (which is about 100 miles closer).  "You know," says Clint conversationally, not showing that he is feeling any pain at all, "if I was a horse you'd shoot me."  Chris gives him a powerful pain-killer and a king-size can of Red Bull.  (What you have to do to get a free Red Bull these days...)  Everyone takes a step back to see what will happen when that massive dose of codeine, caffeine, and sugar hits his bloodstream.  "I don't know, man," says Chris helpfully, looking at Clint's finger.  "I'd sure like to give that thing a pull."  The codeine, caffeine, and sugar hits all at once about three seconds later, because Clint grabs his pinky and gives it a good hard tug.  The bones crack four times.  Chris lurches to the side of the boat and nearly hurls overboard.  But Clint is smiling now, and wiggling his finger without any hint of a grimace.  "It worked!" he says happily.  Mathieu decides to nickname him "Pinky," and the name sticks for the rest of the day.
All's well that ends well, as they say, and this third day of our SIV course is truly epic.  We have driven 16 hours from Calgary to be here, and it has been totally worth it.
Often I wonder why we do this.  Paragliding is not as dangerous as most people think, but it is still a lot more dangerous than many of the alternatives.   Why take up paragliding and not gardening or croquet?  This question fascinates me.  Answering it requires an article on its own, but there are several things that come to mind immediately.  There are the obvious things, of course: the exhilaration of flying... the peace and quiet in the sky... the aesthetics of the wing... the beauty of a smooth launch or a well-carved turn... the feel of the sun and the wind on your face...  But there are very human elements to it as well.  Paragliding is a life-altering experience, and the people with whom you share that experience become an important part of it.  We are privileged with great teachers, instructors, and coaches, and we owe a lifelong debt of gratitude to those who have introduced us to the sport and continue to guide and direct our flying experiences.  This weekend would never have happened without Vincene, Keith, and Clint from Muller Windsports, or Chris from Super Fly, and our lives would be something less without it.  So thanks from each one of us - we will never forget it!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Saturday Evening

Here is a photo of everyone ground handling on Saturday evening after
a bunch of flights
Photo by Tomo (san)

Busy day Saturday

Great morning with 20 students coming out which is a record....
the weather continued all day and the students were back for the
evening with almost everyone getting flights before the wind went
cross and a bit strong but ground handling was still great.
Photo by Tomo ( all round great guy ) student from 2008

Day 2 Blog from SIV by Dan Miller

Friday, May 16.  First Flights
The six of us meet at Yuba Lake early on Friday morning, where we join up with Steve and Terry – so all eight of us have arrived safely and without any incidents at the border.  Chris has said that he will meet us at "seven-ish." We soon learn that in Utah this means "any time before eight o'clock."
Yuba Lake itself is a good size, and although it sits in the middle of a parched desert landscape, the temperature in the morning is very cold.  There is frost on the vehicles, and the temperature has dropped nearly to zero degrees Celsius.  (By early afternoon the temperature reaches over 30 degrees.)
Chris arrives with the boat and he makes some brief introductory comments.  We review proper tow procedures, and Clint – our fearless coach and official wind dummy – is the first one to launch.  Dan, Trevor, Mathieu, and Steve all get their first experience towing and flying maneuvers next, and we are visibly timid up there.  Chris is patient with each of us, but he is less talkative than I think we expected.  Difficulties with the boat force us to switch to the truck, so Daniel and Tomo have their first experiences towing up behind the vehicle – by which time the wind has started to pick up – so it is a lot more difficult than towing up behind the boat. 
The witching hour arrives after Tomo's flight, so we are done for the day.  Everyone except Terry has had his first tow and flight with basic maneuvers, and we are all kind of shaky.  It has made each of us a bit giddy, and we're still a little freaked out by the whole experience – like nervous and giggling school girls after a wild prom night.  Our flights are strangely difficult for us to remember: all buzzed up and blurred out.
Each of the flights is recorded on video, so we return to the hotel to watch ourselves and make notes for tomorrow.  In the evening we return to Point of the Mountain, and this time we visit the north side.  We have never seen so many gliders in the air at one time – we count 34 just driving up to the launch site.  The flight park itself is unbelievable: it has a paved parking lot with sidewalks, benches, and washrooms with running water.  The launch/landing field is half-way up the ridge – pilots can fly sled-runs to a groomed field at the base, or bench up to the top of the ridge, or simply boat around above the field – which is a sprawling, manicured lawn.  Daniel suggests that Vincene ought to till the field at Cochrane Hill and lay sod so that we can have something similar back home.  Everyone laughs, and all of us helpfully suggest that he be the one to make that recommendation to Vincene when we return.
The wind is smooth and consistent, but too strong for us.  We are content to sit on the grass at the edge of the field and watch the gliders until sunset.  We meet several local pilots, who are just as friendly as Mathieu has said, and we enjoy the evening watching dozens of gliders launch, soar, and land.  We are even treated to some fantastic acrobatics.  Done well, paragliding is a beautiful thing – there is simply nothing that compares to its simple elegance.  However, when it is done poorly… paragliding becomes something else entirely.  We watch one pilot in particular, with great interest, as he struggles on launch for more than fifteen minutes.  We laugh a little to ourselves, because we can all hear Keith in our heads hollering: "No jumping!" and "If you look down once more, I'm going to kick you in the nuts!"
We have dinner at a buffet restaurant in the city, where Mathieu eats a staggering amount of food (we lose count after the fifth or sixth plate), and then we drive back to the thriving metropolis of Scipio (two gas stations, a Dairy Queen, and a Subway).  Mathieu is forced to stand in the parking lot for a while, venting thermals of his own, before he can safely enter the building.
Tomorrow will be Day 2, and although we are more confident now than we were at the start of the day, we are still a little apprehensive about the day to come.

Day 1 Blog from 2009 SIV course by Dan Miller

Here is a blog from Dan Miller who took the intermediate course in
2008 and has no gone to his first SIV course. Great job Guys

Thursday, May 15. We made it!

Clint and Tomo and Daniel (Guillaume) and Dan (Miller) leave Calgary
around 5:30 PM, driving in Clint's truck. The landscape south of the
city is stunning, and we are treated to a magnificent sunset. The
massive wind turbines north of Lethbridge are awe-inspiring, as is the
trestle bridge – which was the longest in the world when the bridge
was built almost a hundred years ago.

We arrive at the United States border shortly before 10:00. The four
of us make an interesting group, and we raise a few eyebrows there.
Tomo is travelling with a Japanese passport, and he has never visited
the United States before. Clint has entries in his passport for Egypt
and Jordan, and Dan has entries for Cuba. Daniel is Korean, visiting
Canada on a temporary work visa, and travelling with a Belgian
passport that was issued in France. To top it all off, we are all
looking a little nervous… (We have heard all about SIV maneuvers and
they sound pretty damn scary.) However, it takes only 40 minutes to
do the paperwork, which is a lot less than it might have been.
Surprisingly, the folks at US customs are great, and we don't
experience any hassles or major delays. Nobody has to endure a strip
search or (much worse) watch uniformed neanderthals with handguns
unpack his glider and spread it all over the pavement at the border.

We alternate drivers through the night, and we arrive in Salt Lake
City at 8:00 in the morning. The first place we visit is (of course)
Point of the Mountain. If there is any possibility of a flight at the
south side, then we want to be there for it. Conditions are too
strong, though, and only the hang gliders are setting up. The hill is
impressive – and we are all feeling a little jealous. (Only Clint has
seen the north slope, so the rest of us have no idea how jealous we
will become.)

We drive to Sandy, just south of Salt Lake City, to say hello to the
guys at Super Fly. Chris is out towing, so we decide to continue
south to Yuba Lake and check out the site for tomorrow's course. At
Yuba Lake we find four other pilots on the beach. They have been
doing maneuvers over the water all morning, and they don't look any
worse for the wear. The "witching hour" at Yuba Lake starts at noon,
and the wind changes while we're chatting. When Chris returns to
shore with the boat, he suggests they switch to towing behind the
truck, so we head over to the road and wait for him there.

When the truck arrives, it looks like something out of a Mad Max
movie. It's a large vehicle, painted jet black, with tinted windows
and black hubs on huge knobby tires. The box has been replaced with a
flat-bed dominated by tow equipment: a huge spool of tow line, a gas
engine, and an enormous tool box. We are standing at the side of the
road in the blasting heat when the truck pulls up in a cloud of dust,
and for a moment it reminds me of one of the horsemen of the apocalypse.

With the exception of Clint, we have never met Chris Santacroce
before. The truck stops and Chris climbs out. He is tanned and dusty
and grinning like a Chesire cat. "Welcome to the desert!" he says,
with all the grace and charm of a host welcoming guests to paradise.
It takes no more than three seconds to get a very clear impression of
Chris, and time only reinforces that first impression: he is equal
parts boyish enthusiasm, impish mischief, grandfatherly wisdom, and
Zen master – like a genie who has escaped his lamp.

One at a time, he tows the other four pilots to an impressive height,
and we stay to watch their flights for a while. Afterward we drive to
a small town called Scipio, about ten miles south of Yuba Lake, where
we meet up with Mathieu and Trevor, and we check in to the hotel for a
few hours of sleep.

(Mathieu arrived a day earlier, and conditions were ideal last night
for ridge soaring. He is still euphoric over his first soaring
flight, more than 20 minutes in the air. Mathieu has also had time
for some sight-seeing in Salt Lake City, and several times he comments
on how clean the city is, and how friendly the people there. One
couple handed him the keys to their vehicle when he offered to drive
it down to the landing zone for them. Just imagine how remarkable
that is: an American giving his car keys to a complete stranger with a
strong French accent!)

After dinner we drive out to the lake and we practice a few
inflations. The wind is too light for anything except forwards. It
is good to practice though. The weather in and around Calgary has
been dismal the past several months, so most of us have not even
inflated our gliders this year. We return to the hotel early, anxious
and jittery over tomorrow's first SIV flights.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Great Mornings Lately

Well as you can see from the title the long weekend gave us what we
have been looking for. We had 10 students with all different levels
out fr some flying and ground handling on Saturday morning. Some had
as many as 5 flights but most had at least 3. After the wind picked up
a bit they all did a bunch of ground handling in order to perfect
those higher wind launches. The rest of day was blown out but after
hiking up the hill 5 times I am sure some of them did not care
( Kevin.....grin. Congrats on being a Dad again ). Sunday was again
perfect for student flights in the morning. Ross had 5-6 students out
with Ladde and Candace getting their Maiden flights off the big
hill...congrats. So nice work to all those that came out and the
forecast sure does look nice for the rest of the week so call in.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Hey Vincene and Keith (Vincene, could you please forward this to Keith as
I do not have his email address),

could you please TEXT Trevors cell phone number to me, as he has my
harness to pass on to Santa and I need to get it back from him if he picks
it up from santa.

We had a great towing yesterday after Chris got a couple of injectors
replaced in his boats engine - everyone did really well and got at least 1
tow in each.  Tomo had a little excitement on his second flight, and his
360 turned into a sprial dive, which Chris managed to get him out of in

Epic day today... we towed up until late afternoon, and everyone got in at
least 2 more tows today, so some had 4 maneuver flights total, others had
5 or 6, and all finished the course with a smile on their face!  Tomo was
a little more hesitant today after his spiral dive yeasterday, but still
managed couple of good flights.

I had a bit of a blip on my last attempt.  It was starting to pick up and
get quite switchy with thermals on the beach.  I was hooked in, and there
wwas zero wind.  The instant I started my inflation, a thermal kicked off,
and the wind was straight down beach - my glider weather vained away from
the water, i got picked up and tossed down.  I caught mh hand in a rut,
and when I looked at it, my finger was going 90 degrees in the wrong
direction.  I thought it was broke, so I tried to abort the flight - Chris
thought I was trying to correct, and unfortunatley I got pulled into the
water and did a face plant in knee deep water, so my glider and reserve
got soaked so I couldnt fly any more.  We looked at my finger and thought
it was broke cause of the direction, or severely disolcated.  He gave me
800 mg of ibuprofen, and I chased that with a can of redbull.  After about
10 minutes, he mnade the comment "I just want to pull that finger
stright...just give it a yank!"  Not sure if he was serious or not, but
with a bit of hestiation i gritted my teeth, and pulled.  It made a
horrific asound just like in the movies with about 4 bone pops, I groaned,
and it was back in place (all the guys kinda had a horrific look on their
faces when it cracked like that),  but my glider and reserve were still
wet so that ended up my last short flight of the day.  That is about all
that happened this weekend in terms of injuries (lol, at least this time
it didnt cost TIC another $30000, lol).  If chris can do a repack for me
tomorrow, I will try and fly at the point with the rest of the crew
tomorrow night if conditions allow.  Everyone is flying with a lot more
confidence than they came down with, so they might fly the point under
Chris instruction.

Was awesome down here, especially the weather, and Mathieu tells me he is
still a fabulous great guy.  He even managed his first thermals over the
beach and gained a bit of alitutude!"

Believe it or not, Trevor was probably the rockstar of this group of guys
doing their first SIVs, nailing most of his maneuvers and then towing up
for some thermals on his last flight which lasted 20 - 30 minutes..

ANywas, that is all for now.

See you in a few days.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fwd: SIV update

>> Hey Vincene and Keith,
>> weather down here is awesome! 20-30C sunshine....
>> just give you a quick update...
>> I towed up first thing this morning, did a few basic manuevers, was a
>> blast.. came in to land... I know I have put weight on but man that
>> is the
>> hottest that I have ever come in (no wind to help slow my fat ass
>> down),
>> and the flare didnt do much to slow me down, but managed to stay on
>> my
>> feet
>> Dan towed up next... was a little dicey (he said he had his break
>> handle
>> caught thru his risers and couldnt turn while on tow... never
>> occurred to
>> him to avoid the handle and just go for the actual break line...
>> but, with
>> a little anxious moments Chris got him back on track and he did a tow
>> (close to lockout a couple of times)... did his manuevers really well
>> Trevor went next... awesome first SIV flight
>> Then the Frenchy-left-backward edmontonian with a fake accent
>> towed...
>> awesome first SIV flight
>> Then Steve... awesome first SIV flight
>> then the boat broke down... Chris not sure if it is an engine
>> problem or
>> what, but we had to stop... so he gave the guys who hadnt towed the
>> option
>> of doing a first tow off the truck down the road
>> was starting to thermal slightly
>> Daniel went first... dicey tow but chris again got him up (again
>> almost
>> lock out a couple of times)... he did some of the over the land
>> manuevers
>> (the best was... do a right 90... alright, that was a left 90 but
>> it will
>> have to do cause it's done now)
>> Tomo went next.. was thermalling a bit more.. he did a good job
>> reversing
>> (first attempt got pulled off his feet), but second time got up...
>> bit of
>> a dicey tow again, almost lock out).. he released and hit nothing
>> but sink
>> cause he was down in about 2 minutes and didnt do any maneuvers
>> Chris said it was too dicey for any of the newbies to continue
>> today... I
>> think he might have been a little miffed with people not doing what
>> they
>> were supposed to while on tow, even after explaining, but whatever
>> I did a final tow, thermalled around for 25 minutes or so and then
>> decided
>> to land cause the thermals were getting a bit strong for my comfort
>> level
>> in the desert and the wind was picking up (starting to get parked,
>> and not
>> too familiar with the how strong they get here, so chose to get
>> down while
>> i could still move forward!)
>> Chris has taken the boat back to his buddy, so hopefully he will
>> have it
>> repaired in the next couple of days. We are gonna head into SLC in
>> an
>> hour, and maybe try the Point if the wind cooperates. As it
>> stands, we
>> have had 6 people tow and manuever; Tomo towed but did not
>> manuever, and
>> Terry has yet to tow.
>> Cheers, and i'll see you on Wednesday or Thursday.
>> Clint
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Friday, April 24, 2009

US Paragliding Nationals

Well if your reading this you may care where I am. I have just arrived in sunny California to attend another paragliding comp. For those interested the results should be at this address

The results are in the column on the right.
I will try to update but as you know I get lazy.
All for now

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday April 19th

A great group came out this morning with Cody from Rocky Mountain
House getting 3 flights. Ryan and Dustin from Calgary got there first
nervous flights off of Cochrane Hill as well. The wind proved great
for groundhandling the rest of the morning for Julia, Elaine, Cody,
Dustin, Shane, and Ryan. After a break for lunch we moved into
Groundschool #1 and it was well attended by the large crop of
Intermediate Students.

As most of you are aware I will be away competing from Thursday April
23 to May 4th. My other Instructors will be picking up the slack with
evening and weekends available for Instruction. When I return we will
be running a full schedule for till July.

Look forward to seeing you all out sometime soon


Thursday, April 9, 2009

It All Begins

Wednesday night saw Kevin and Karen out for a great evening of
groundhandling. The winds were rather cross for flying but it was a
perfect evening for reverse inflations. The snow has now melted to the
point we can fly and groundhandle without getting to dirty or wet.
Hope to see you all out soon.
Cheers Keith

Monday, February 23, 2009

Reserve Clinic



DATE:               Saturday, March 7, 2009
Repack Fee: $40.00 Deployment, inspection and repack.  The lecture is free. 
PLACE:               Ecole Ste-Marguetite Bougeoys, 
4700 Richard Rd SW 
(note: the school is next door to Bishop Carol High School & near the Farmers Market) 
TIME:     9AM
Format: Deployments will start at 9am for pilots who have attended previous clinics.
Lecture will start at 10am.  It is recommended that pilots who have not attended a clinic should attend the lecture.
After the lecture, deployments will continue.  Repacks will start during the lecture.  If work needs to be done on your equipment it will be done at the shop during the week.
If you are a new pilot and don't yet have a reserve we will try to make sure you get a practice deployment.  There is no charge if you have no equipment.
1:30pm- Pizza – included in repack fee or $10 if you didn't pay for repack.
Can you please let us know if you will be staying for pizza so that we can order enough

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 10 and BIG

Big Task. 117km with goal at the Monarca Butterflies. We criss crossed everywhere and anywhere. It was great day to be in the lead gaggle as it was going to be tough. We tagged the start and got climbs every time we needed them. It was going well as I stuck with the lead gaggle most of the day. I was charging hard as I was totally psyched to be flying today on a totally blue day with no clouds for people to cheat. The day got extra exciting at the end as I waited at base to go out to the flats so I would not be alone. Farmer came along just in time to charge out with me. About 2km's short of goal I took a climb with the others so I would get in for sure as it was to late to get stupid after suck a long day. This cost me a minute or so behind Farmer as he and Micky won the day. I was most likely top 10 for the day...Sweet. Tomorrow is the final day so party party. I did not see my teammates in goal. The goal was at 9000 feet so it was very tough to get in as we had to thermal half a km from the line just to get in as base was not much higher. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This place is Insane

Today another 106km task. We are all so tired that everyone walks around like zombies. The task had an interesting start radius allowing for several different angles to take it. I choose the one halfway between good and bad. I got to the first turnpoint not as low as one group but lower than another group. After a very sweet climb we were all back together. I raced across no man's land to the next point with a fast group managing to catch most everyone in front of us. At this point we got stinking and high and very cold...4000m which you need to remember its still winter here. Arcteryx has me well equipped but I was still chilly. After some quick pushes into the course we hooked the convergence line and made good time across the lake to a point on the other side. I fell back a little here as i tried to be safe but it actually cost me as the group got a great climb from low and we coming in it was not there. So much for staying high as it sometimes backfires. I worked my way back up but a little behind the first gaggle. At this point I noticed Urban Valic over my head going the other way. he had decided to run around the lake the short way and was now in front by about 30mins. He of course won the day by a huge margin and I am 30mins behind him for the task. I was maybe TOP 30 or so today so not bad on a very tough and challenging task. I did not see my teammates today so not sure how they did. Tomorrow they want a huge task then easy on friday to finish. I will need a break from flying soon as I think I have 50 hours on the new gliders already....CRAZY.
Going to bed

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sorry for no posts lately

Well I guess to catch you up on what's happening down here. We had a terrible accident where a Swiss pilot died and I was unfortunately one of the witness's. I wont talk about it as it has been written about already all over the internet. I will just say it was a horrible sight. We had a Rest day last Saturday and Sunday turned into a memorial flight to pay respects to the fallen pilot. We all flew with flowers and tossed them out over the lake....very touching. Yesterday we had a long day with a 97km task. I finished not late but not early. I think I was Top 40. This morning I was sitting in 47th Overall so not bad but not great. Today we had a 114km task all over the bloody place finishing at the lake. I was charging hard for the first half but made a bad choice for a glide line and got lower than the gaggle. So survival mode it had to be. I got out after a delay and just happy to still be in the air as the trees were very close when I was low....grin. Back on course I was with the 3rd pack trying to catch up to the front packs and actually doing it. I tagged the final turnpoint at 3500m so very high. I had the rest of the course on a 6 to 1 glide. Off I went and made the end of the speed section with room to spare. I still had 5 km to glide to the lake to actually make goal. I still had it at 6.5 to 1 and its always a very lifty glide. UNTIL TODAY. I got absolutely drilled. I have never fallen so quickly. I looked at my instruments to make sure I was still going forward it was so bad. Lucky for me there was a golf course that we are not suppose to land in and that was where I made it too. I landed 1.7km short of the goal field but actually only about 50 feet in height as if it were not for the trees I would have made it as I was up on a plateau. Well some times you have good luck and sometimes bad so I guess i will chalk this one to very bad luck.
Hope all is well back home and see most of you soon. We have 3 tasks left and then its party time and then come home to get some work done and yes I am actually excited about that.
Cheers to you all
Keith (Not frustrated at all)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 5

Huge task today. They called 114km all over the place. I had a great start then led with a couple other guys to the first turnpoint and on to the second I was still with the lead group. We took a line of course line thinking it would be better to get to the hills quicker then work them. BAD IDEA. The group behind cut the corner and met us at the second turnpoint. From here the cloud flying was little out of hand and we continued on getting very low. The task then took us out into the wild blue yonder of the flats. We first had to tag the penon. We had a great glide out into the far off hills across the flats. Once out there we got thermals that were blown apart in the wind. Some drifted more than they went up...grin. I got out of there and back into launch. thinking the front of the penon would work better we went for it. No luck for me here as I got drilled in the strong winds. The group with me only made it a bit further. I landed at the base of the Penon for almost 100km of the 114km. So not a horrible day but it was not Goal. Tomorrow is the last day before REST. We all need it as it was another 4.5 hrs of flying today and more for others.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Even More Tired

Is it possible to be more tired...
Well today we had a 84km task all over the place including the Monarca Butterflies. It was another cluster in the start gaggle but once the start happened the fast gliders got out in front and we then had space. I was with the lead group going into the first turnpoint but lower. I decided to make the wise decision to take a climb as there was no point in being stupid so early. The climb allowed me to catch the lead group again as they got low. I headed across the mesa and well on speed bar took a nice blowout and my wingtip stuck in so I lost some height fishing it out. I was now low and behind again. At this point the group behind me got me and I lead them into the flats where we took the convergence out to the butterflies. After getting stuck for a few minutes with the lead gaggle in sight it was just not to be and I resorted to being second group for the day. So all and all another good day but not sure how I did. maybe 15-20 mins behind the leaders. I did not see anyone from Team Canada in goal when I left so can not report on them at all. Hope they made it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well today we had yet another long task with it being 95km or so. I managed to get myself nice and low after the 2nd turnpoint but eventually worked my way free. I then had some great climbs which put me back into the lead gaggle for awhile at least. At the final turnpoint I made my last mistake by not hanging on to the climb the leaders were in and fell off the bottom. I searched for what seemed like ever on a horrible little lee side spine. I finally got what I was looking for and went across the mesa low. At the end of the mesa near launch I found what had to be the worst and best climb of my life. Worst cause it was so rough I had only half a glider for most of it and best cause it allowed me to go on final glide for the remaining 12km's to goal. The glide was in the convergence so I maintained 80% speed bar the whole time and came in with 100m to spare altitude. A Japanese guy in goal asked me where the fire was and with some hand gestures I explained that we are racing here....grin. Brett and Jim both made it in and not sure about Nicole yet. Not sure how well I did as there were many in front of me today but of course just happy to be in Goal again. Yesterdays results will be recalculated as about 10 pilots got scored for making goal but did not cross the line because of landing short. Tomorrow is another day. I hope for a better result as I feel my glider is going very well and I am getting very comfy with it.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day Two

Big Task today. They called a 92km task all over the place. I was with the lead group for the first half but left a climb to look for a better one that was the same but the climb I left ended up getting much better. This left me low with a group of pilots who did the same. I was able to get going again but took a 15min delay doing so. I then got to the final turnpoint and got drilled in sink to almost landing which took another 10mins to recover from. The group then proceeded to go quicker making smart decisions. We took one last climb which allowed us to go on final from about 8km out with a 9 to 1 glide ratio so I did not come in very high but in. I think I may be top 40 but we will see. Thanks for the emails from back home. Time for dinner as its 8pm.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Day

Great day today. I was able to fly safely with the gaggle for the first half then managed to connect into the convergence. This allowed me to take the lead for the day which I maintained until the final turnpoint where I managed to make my big mistake for the day. I still got in the TOP 10. I believe I was 6th or 7th. Tonight I will celebrate with Team Norway with a couple beers and a nice meal. Thanks for all the support back home and hopefully I can maintain this great start. The task was 75.4km and most of the field finished. Jim Orava and Nicole both finished for the Canadian Team and hopefully Brett can get in tomorrow too.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Opening Ceremony

Today is a rest day. We are catching up on sleep and laundry and eating and drinking. I feel good going into tomorrow and feel my glider is now going to be great. It is very fast and glides very well. The handling is getting better as I figure it all out. The parade and all the boring meetings are tonight. We will be escorted around by little mexican kids so it should be funny trying to talk to them. Not really much to say today except it is very warm and not cold.....grin

Opening Ceremony

Today is a rest day. We are catching up on sleep and laundry and eating and drinking. I feel good going into tomorrow and feel my glider is now going to be great. It is very fast and glides very well. The handling is getting better as I figure it all out. The parade and all the boring meetings are tonight. We will be escorted around by little mexican kids so it should be funny trying to talk to them. Not really much to say today except it is very warm and not cold.....grin

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Everything is good. Making changes to my glider daily. I got new risers last night. 4 reserves tosses today. Chad and Peter are having fun. Food is great. Chat soon. I wrote a long post then lost it 3 times so I am going to bed annoyed with this crap so i hope your all reading it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quick Update

Got here in Mexico Late Last Nite. Almost missed my flight out of Calgary as it left at 8 not 8.30am yeah I know......grin. Woke up this morning and went flying. Good to catch up with old friends here training for the Worlds. I got to really test the new glider and was very Happy with what I found. Its not typical GIN glider but very nice, More on that later. So after two hours and a cruise around the area I landed at the lake for a nice beer and a rest for tomorrow. The internet is rough here so for the next few days updates will be tough. once the meet starts it will be better as we have internet at HQ. All for now and check out the Spo track from the post below and you can see part of my flight for how it works. You can start tracking around11am <calgary time and it should move every 10mins or so. All for now. time for sleep as the sun is HOT and the days rough....I know how sorry you all feel for me.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Keith's Paragliding Travels

Well If your getting this email I probably think you might care about where I am or if not then just delete this and ignore.
I am off in about 6 hours to Valle de Bravo, Mexico for the Paragliding World Championships. I will get a week of practice in then the game begins on Sunday the 25th. I plan to try and update my blog but I will also give you the links for other sites with info. My other major plan is to fly with my SPOT locator beacon, It will update every 10mins live with where I am so if you want to get fired then go watch this site.

The Best Coverage probably

The Official Coverage

So hope all is well for all of you and Thanks so much for all the support now its my turn to go represent.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thanks for a Great Evening

Just wanted to say thanks again to all those that came and to those that chipped in some money. It was a very successful evening and I will do my best to represent Canada and make you all proud.
Cheers and Thanks again

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Come to Shank's Crowfoot to have a few drinks and support my Paragliding Endeavors. I will be having a 50/50 draw as the fundraiser part so don't feel like you have to pay money if you come, I would like to just see all my friends. My good friend John McIsaac from Canmore will be doing a slide show on his attempts at climbing Everest without O2. I think we have a great evening planned. Bring Friends and Family

Location:  Crowfoot Shanks 
Date: January 14th/2009
Time:around 7pm