Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 5

Huge task today. They called 114km all over the place. I had a great start then led with a couple other guys to the first turnpoint and on to the second I was still with the lead group. We took a line of course line thinking it would be better to get to the hills quicker then work them. BAD IDEA. The group behind cut the corner and met us at the second turnpoint. From here the cloud flying was little out of hand and we continued on getting very low. The task then took us out into the wild blue yonder of the flats. We first had to tag the penon. We had a great glide out into the far off hills across the flats. Once out there we got thermals that were blown apart in the wind. Some drifted more than they went up...grin. I got out of there and back into launch. thinking the front of the penon would work better we went for it. No luck for me here as I got drilled in the strong winds. The group with me only made it a bit further. I landed at the base of the Penon for almost 100km of the 114km. So not a horrible day but it was not Goal. Tomorrow is the last day before REST. We all need it as it was another 4.5 hrs of flying today and more for others.

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