Monday, January 26, 2009

Day Two

Big Task today. They called a 92km task all over the place. I was with the lead group for the first half but left a climb to look for a better one that was the same but the climb I left ended up getting much better. This left me low with a group of pilots who did the same. I was able to get going again but took a 15min delay doing so. I then got to the final turnpoint and got drilled in sink to almost landing which took another 10mins to recover from. The group then proceeded to go quicker making smart decisions. We took one last climb which allowed us to go on final from about 8km out with a 9 to 1 glide ratio so I did not come in very high but in. I think I may be top 40 but we will see. Thanks for the emails from back home. Time for dinner as its 8pm.

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