Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Even More Tired

Is it possible to be more tired...
Well today we had a 84km task all over the place including the Monarca Butterflies. It was another cluster in the start gaggle but once the start happened the fast gliders got out in front and we then had space. I was with the lead group going into the first turnpoint but lower. I decided to make the wise decision to take a climb as there was no point in being stupid so early. The climb allowed me to catch the lead group again as they got low. I headed across the mesa and well on speed bar took a nice blowout and my wingtip stuck in so I lost some height fishing it out. I was now low and behind again. At this point the group behind me got me and I lead them into the flats where we took the convergence out to the butterflies. After getting stuck for a few minutes with the lead gaggle in sight it was just not to be and I resorted to being second group for the day. So all and all another good day but not sure how I did. maybe 15-20 mins behind the leaders. I did not see anyone from Team Canada in goal when I left so can not report on them at all. Hope they made it.

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