Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quick Update

Got here in Mexico Late Last Nite. Almost missed my flight out of Calgary as it left at 8 not 8.30am yeah I know......grin. Woke up this morning and went flying. Good to catch up with old friends here training for the Worlds. I got to really test the new glider and was very Happy with what I found. Its not typical GIN glider but very nice, More on that later. So after two hours and a cruise around the area I landed at the lake for a nice beer and a rest for tomorrow. The internet is rough here so for the next few days updates will be tough. once the meet starts it will be better as we have internet at HQ. All for now and check out the Spo track from the post below and you can see part of my flight for how it works. You can start tracking around11am <calgary time and it should move every 10mins or so. All for now. time for sleep as the sun is HOT and the days rough....I know how sorry you all feel for me.

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