Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well today we had yet another long task with it being 95km or so. I managed to get myself nice and low after the 2nd turnpoint but eventually worked my way free. I then had some great climbs which put me back into the lead gaggle for awhile at least. At the final turnpoint I made my last mistake by not hanging on to the climb the leaders were in and fell off the bottom. I searched for what seemed like ever on a horrible little lee side spine. I finally got what I was looking for and went across the mesa low. At the end of the mesa near launch I found what had to be the worst and best climb of my life. Worst cause it was so rough I had only half a glider for most of it and best cause it allowed me to go on final glide for the remaining 12km's to goal. The glide was in the convergence so I maintained 80% speed bar the whole time and came in with 100m to spare altitude. A Japanese guy in goal asked me where the fire was and with some hand gestures I explained that we are racing here....grin. Brett and Jim both made it in and not sure about Nicole yet. Not sure how well I did as there were many in front of me today but of course just happy to be in Goal again. Yesterdays results will be recalculated as about 10 pilots got scored for making goal but did not cross the line because of landing short. Tomorrow is another day. I hope for a better result as I feel my glider is going very well and I am getting very comfy with it.

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