Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 10 and BIG

Big Task. 117km with goal at the Monarca Butterflies. We criss crossed everywhere and anywhere. It was great day to be in the lead gaggle as it was going to be tough. We tagged the start and got climbs every time we needed them. It was going well as I stuck with the lead gaggle most of the day. I was charging hard as I was totally psyched to be flying today on a totally blue day with no clouds for people to cheat. The day got extra exciting at the end as I waited at base to go out to the flats so I would not be alone. Farmer came along just in time to charge out with me. About 2km's short of goal I took a climb with the others so I would get in for sure as it was to late to get stupid after suck a long day. This cost me a minute or so behind Farmer as he and Micky won the day. I was most likely top 10 for the day...Sweet. Tomorrow is the final day so party party. I did not see my teammates in goal. The goal was at 9000 feet so it was very tough to get in as we had to thermal half a km from the line just to get in as base was not much higher. 

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