Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sorry for no posts lately

Well I guess to catch you up on what's happening down here. We had a terrible accident where a Swiss pilot died and I was unfortunately one of the witness's. I wont talk about it as it has been written about already all over the internet. I will just say it was a horrible sight. We had a Rest day last Saturday and Sunday turned into a memorial flight to pay respects to the fallen pilot. We all flew with flowers and tossed them out over the lake....very touching. Yesterday we had a long day with a 97km task. I finished not late but not early. I think I was Top 40. This morning I was sitting in 47th Overall so not bad but not great. Today we had a 114km task all over the bloody place finishing at the lake. I was charging hard for the first half but made a bad choice for a glide line and got lower than the gaggle. So survival mode it had to be. I got out after a delay and just happy to still be in the air as the trees were very close when I was low....grin. Back on course I was with the 3rd pack trying to catch up to the front packs and actually doing it. I tagged the final turnpoint at 3500m so very high. I had the rest of the course on a 6 to 1 glide. Off I went and made the end of the speed section with room to spare. I still had 5 km to glide to the lake to actually make goal. I still had it at 6.5 to 1 and its always a very lifty glide. UNTIL TODAY. I got absolutely drilled. I have never fallen so quickly. I looked at my instruments to make sure I was still going forward it was so bad. Lucky for me there was a golf course that we are not suppose to land in and that was where I made it too. I landed 1.7km short of the goal field but actually only about 50 feet in height as if it were not for the trees I would have made it as I was up on a plateau. Well some times you have good luck and sometimes bad so I guess i will chalk this one to very bad luck.
Hope all is well back home and see most of you soon. We have 3 tasks left and then its party time and then come home to get some work done and yes I am actually excited about that.
Cheers to you all
Keith (Not frustrated at all)

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