Friday, April 24, 2009

US Paragliding Nationals

Well if your reading this you may care where I am. I have just arrived in sunny California to attend another paragliding comp. For those interested the results should be at this address

The results are in the column on the right.
I will try to update but as you know I get lazy.
All for now

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday April 19th

A great group came out this morning with Cody from Rocky Mountain
House getting 3 flights. Ryan and Dustin from Calgary got there first
nervous flights off of Cochrane Hill as well. The wind proved great
for groundhandling the rest of the morning for Julia, Elaine, Cody,
Dustin, Shane, and Ryan. After a break for lunch we moved into
Groundschool #1 and it was well attended by the large crop of
Intermediate Students.

As most of you are aware I will be away competing from Thursday April
23 to May 4th. My other Instructors will be picking up the slack with
evening and weekends available for Instruction. When I return we will
be running a full schedule for till July.

Look forward to seeing you all out sometime soon


Thursday, April 9, 2009

It All Begins

Wednesday night saw Kevin and Karen out for a great evening of
groundhandling. The winds were rather cross for flying but it was a
perfect evening for reverse inflations. The snow has now melted to the
point we can fly and groundhandle without getting to dirty or wet.
Hope to see you all out soon.
Cheers Keith