Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fwd: SIV update

>> Hey Vincene and Keith,
>> weather down here is awesome! 20-30C sunshine....
>> just give you a quick update...
>> I towed up first thing this morning, did a few basic manuevers, was a
>> blast.. came in to land... I know I have put weight on but man that
>> is the
>> hottest that I have ever come in (no wind to help slow my fat ass
>> down),
>> and the flare didnt do much to slow me down, but managed to stay on
>> my
>> feet
>> Dan towed up next... was a little dicey (he said he had his break
>> handle
>> caught thru his risers and couldnt turn while on tow... never
>> occurred to
>> him to avoid the handle and just go for the actual break line...
>> but, with
>> a little anxious moments Chris got him back on track and he did a tow
>> (close to lockout a couple of times)... did his manuevers really well
>> Trevor went next... awesome first SIV flight
>> Then the Frenchy-left-backward edmontonian with a fake accent
>> towed...
>> awesome first SIV flight
>> Then Steve... awesome first SIV flight
>> then the boat broke down... Chris not sure if it is an engine
>> problem or
>> what, but we had to stop... so he gave the guys who hadnt towed the
>> option
>> of doing a first tow off the truck down the road
>> was starting to thermal slightly
>> Daniel went first... dicey tow but chris again got him up (again
>> almost
>> lock out a couple of times)... he did some of the over the land
>> manuevers
>> (the best was... do a right 90... alright, that was a left 90 but
>> it will
>> have to do cause it's done now)
>> Tomo went next.. was thermalling a bit more.. he did a good job
>> reversing
>> (first attempt got pulled off his feet), but second time got up...
>> bit of
>> a dicey tow again, almost lock out).. he released and hit nothing
>> but sink
>> cause he was down in about 2 minutes and didnt do any maneuvers
>> Chris said it was too dicey for any of the newbies to continue
>> today... I
>> think he might have been a little miffed with people not doing what
>> they
>> were supposed to while on tow, even after explaining, but whatever
>> I did a final tow, thermalled around for 25 minutes or so and then
>> decided
>> to land cause the thermals were getting a bit strong for my comfort
>> level
>> in the desert and the wind was picking up (starting to get parked,
>> and not
>> too familiar with the how strong they get here, so chose to get
>> down while
>> i could still move forward!)
>> Chris has taken the boat back to his buddy, so hopefully he will
>> have it
>> repaired in the next couple of days. We are gonna head into SLC in
>> an
>> hour, and maybe try the Point if the wind cooperates. As it
>> stands, we
>> have had 6 people tow and manuever; Tomo towed but did not
>> manuever, and
>> Terry has yet to tow.
>> Cheers, and i'll see you on Wednesday or Thursday.
>> Clint
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