Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Great Mornings Lately

Well as you can see from the title the long weekend gave us what we
have been looking for. We had 10 students with all different levels
out fr some flying and ground handling on Saturday morning. Some had
as many as 5 flights but most had at least 3. After the wind picked up
a bit they all did a bunch of ground handling in order to perfect
those higher wind launches. The rest of day was blown out but after
hiking up the hill 5 times I am sure some of them did not care
( Kevin.....grin. Congrats on being a Dad again ). Sunday was again
perfect for student flights in the morning. Ross had 5-6 students out
with Ladde and Candace getting their Maiden flights off the big
hill...congrats. So nice work to all those that came out and the
forecast sure does look nice for the rest of the week so call in.

1 comment:

Kevin P said...

Thanks for opening for the weekend and for the congratulations. I had a great time.

P.S. Your next Keith.