Monday, May 18, 2009


Hey Vincene and Keith (Vincene, could you please forward this to Keith as
I do not have his email address),

could you please TEXT Trevors cell phone number to me, as he has my
harness to pass on to Santa and I need to get it back from him if he picks
it up from santa.

We had a great towing yesterday after Chris got a couple of injectors
replaced in his boats engine - everyone did really well and got at least 1
tow in each.  Tomo had a little excitement on his second flight, and his
360 turned into a sprial dive, which Chris managed to get him out of in

Epic day today... we towed up until late afternoon, and everyone got in at
least 2 more tows today, so some had 4 maneuver flights total, others had
5 or 6, and all finished the course with a smile on their face!  Tomo was
a little more hesitant today after his spiral dive yeasterday, but still
managed couple of good flights.

I had a bit of a blip on my last attempt.  It was starting to pick up and
get quite switchy with thermals on the beach.  I was hooked in, and there
wwas zero wind.  The instant I started my inflation, a thermal kicked off,
and the wind was straight down beach - my glider weather vained away from
the water, i got picked up and tossed down.  I caught mh hand in a rut,
and when I looked at it, my finger was going 90 degrees in the wrong
direction.  I thought it was broke, so I tried to abort the flight - Chris
thought I was trying to correct, and unfortunatley I got pulled into the
water and did a face plant in knee deep water, so my glider and reserve
got soaked so I couldnt fly any more.  We looked at my finger and thought
it was broke cause of the direction, or severely disolcated.  He gave me
800 mg of ibuprofen, and I chased that with a can of redbull.  After about
10 minutes, he mnade the comment "I just want to pull that finger
stright...just give it a yank!"  Not sure if he was serious or not, but
with a bit of hestiation i gritted my teeth, and pulled.  It made a
horrific asound just like in the movies with about 4 bone pops, I groaned,
and it was back in place (all the guys kinda had a horrific look on their
faces when it cracked like that),  but my glider and reserve were still
wet so that ended up my last short flight of the day.  That is about all
that happened this weekend in terms of injuries (lol, at least this time
it didnt cost TIC another $30000, lol).  If chris can do a repack for me
tomorrow, I will try and fly at the point with the rest of the crew
tomorrow night if conditions allow.  Everyone is flying with a lot more
confidence than they came down with, so they might fly the point under
Chris instruction.

Was awesome down here, especially the weather, and Mathieu tells me he is
still a fabulous great guy.  He even managed his first thermals over the
beach and gained a bit of alitutude!"

Believe it or not, Trevor was probably the rockstar of this group of guys
doing their first SIVs, nailing most of his maneuvers and then towing up
for some thermals on his last flight which lasted 20 - 30 minutes..

ANywas, that is all for now.

See you in a few days.


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