Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Student Update

Hey Students
Here is some upcoming Info and Scheduling:

First of all we would like to congratulate the 20 students that
completed their High Flights in Golden and most have now had flights
without my assistance...RIGHT ON!!!
The schedule has been very full lately with me teaching courses in
Golden but with the thunderstorms nightly at Cochrane it has not been
great midweek so not a lot of flying which is normal for July at

Starting this Friday July 24th and continuing till August 5th we will
be closed for teaching as I will be competing in Golden at the WIlli.
I suggest those that qualify to meet up with us in Golden for some
nice morning and evening flying.

The second part of the scheduling most of you are aware of but my
girlfriend and I are expecting a child sometime around Aug. 15th so I
will be passing the reins to Doug, Ross and Brad during my break as I
will be home caring for my girlfriend and baby. My plan is to only be
gone for a week and while I am gone there will most likely not be any
morning flying unless Ross is not away at work as well. Ross will let
Vincene know his schedule so just call in as per instructed on the
online student schedule.

I will also be looking into the Fall Ground Schedule in the next
couple weeks and will post them on the schedule likely early August
sometime. They will not be till September. I would also like to
encourage those that want to aim for the fall High Flight Course to
let Vincene or myself aware of that.

Cheers for now and enjoy the next couple weeks
Keith(time for me to fly and yes I actually fly as well....grin)

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