Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Keith and Caroline's Latest Addition

Hello to All
Well sorry for the mass email but no time to give everyone a personal message. I hope to hear from you all and get back to you soon. Sorry if this is a total shock to anyone it just means we have not talked since december....hahaha.

As some of you already heard Caroline and I were expecting our first child this month. Well he is here. He was born Tuesday morning at 12:36am. His name is Loic Gregory MacCullough and weighed 8.4lbs and 52cm length. He came two weeks early but both Momma and Baby are healthy. The labour was very quick as we only spent 1.5 hours in the delivery room and 4 hours total at the hospital before he arrived ( Thanks Sue she ate no pie ). Caroline took nothing for medication in anyway so like I always knew she is one amazing woman. She was unbelievable in there and made it very easy for me when things were looking mighty tough for her.
Some of you saw me in Golden BC Sunday night and Caroline texted me Monday morning so sorry I could not stay and say goodbye....grin. She even let me take a 2.5hr nap Monday afternoon before going to the hospital at just after 8pm
Were super psyched to have a baby together and hope for many great times with you all in the years to come.
Hope all is well for all of you this summer.
Keith, Caroline and Loic
P.S. please change your address books to this email for me as I use the other one very little now...Thanks
For those that want more I have set up my gallery at

username is: loic
password: maccullough