Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 Thermal Course

Hi Everyone
For those that Qualify

As most of you know I will be running my annual Thermal Course in Golden on the weekend of July 11 and 12 ( Bonus Friday Evening the 10th )

Just wanted to let everyone know a couple details.

Its a tight group and everyone knows each other so we should have some fun.

You should all bring these items

GPS(if you have one)
Umbrella for sun or rain
Camp Chair for the morning and evening talks
Warm Clothes including gloves for high altitude
2m radio if you have one if not I will have FRS for everyone
bring your laptop if your interested in downloading your flights from your GPS(bring cables for your gps as I dont have them for all types)

Thats it for now

We will meet Saturday at 8am in whatever Campsite Vincene's trailer is at in the eco adventure ranch or LZ. maybe go for a flight Friday with everyone to check all our gear over and get a flight in.
we will go over a bunch of info during the morning then head up to launch. Time will be tight between groundschool and flying so make sure your ready to go at 8 am with lunch and gear.

Hope for good weather or it will be hours of talking about thermals to make up the time but either way your brains may be mash potatoes by the time were done.

I will be providing dinner at the GEAR on Saturday evening as I have hired Jamie to cook for you all.

I have hired Vincene to take care of us all and of course abuse her amazing driving skills hopefully.

The cost this year is 350$ no gst ...haha
I prefer cash as then I wont have to charge more for taxes...wink wink

if you have any questions please ask


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