Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dear Students
Hope everyone has managed to stay dry through this horrible weather. There are couple important dates coming up:
The first is the fall high flights for all the students that qualify on the weekend of September 25 and 26 and an option of the evening on September 24. The ground school will be held on Tuesday the 21st of September at 7:00pm for .
The second event will be the fall SIV course held in the Salt Lake City area on October 9,10 and 11. The SIV course has limited availability so please contact us ASAP if your interested for this course.

I hope to see most of you soon as the weather improves


Golden Glassoff and Muller Student High Flights

Hi all, 

The Golden Glassoff is scheduled for sept 25 (fly 26 if rain). Amy and Jamie are thinking of doing a paid BBQ on the friday, not sure yet. 

Entry is $20 includes saturday's supper and dance music. 

We'll be allowed and maybe even encouraged to do some maintenance work on the LZ. This is completely voluntary, I'll do some if the weather is not so good. The things to do would be: cutting invading bushes and small trees (chainsaw not necessary), cutting large thistles, shoveling some gopher holes, and misc. 


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall Season Begins

Hello to All
It has been a great summer for flying with many student flights being completed in Golden and other venues. The fall season is well underway in Cochrane and hopefully we will get many flights.
We are planning an SIV for October long weekend and would like to know who would like to attend this course down in UTAH. Please email Vincene to confirm that you would like to attend.
There is also the Golden Glass Off which is an end of the season party out in Golden on September 25 and 26. This event also doubles as our Fall High Flight Course. So we hope to see you all out flying this Fall either in Golden or Cochrane. If you have any questions please feel free to contact either Vincene or myself.