Friday, April 1, 2011

Hagar Exam

We are currently in the midst of our annual instructors course.  The Transport Canada Presention has just completed and this year we had two inspectors
here.  Lenora Crane of TC is well aware of the problems that Alberta pilots have in writing the HAGAR.   The department head in Calgary has authorized an
off site writing of the exam if we can organize a group of pilots to write.
John Janssen and Keith MacCullough, the seniors faciliting the current course are willing to organize a study night for the Hagar including map reading.
Doug Skye is prepared to run this session.  The plan is to have this session a night or two before the Hagar Exam.
Lenora is happy to oversee the exam but this will happen only once this year.  We will see if this can be an annual event but this depends on the budget for
Transport Canada.
If you are interested in writing the exam please email and I will add your name to the contact list.  I will then notify you dates and times of both the study session and
the exam writing.
If you don't need to have the hagar at this point in your flying career I would recommend taking this opportunity to write it now.   You have no idea how difficult and expensive it has been for Alberta pilots for the past number of years to write the HAGAR using one of the local flight schools at Springbank Airport.
So please contact me ASAP so that we can get these sessions planned.
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