Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Start to the Season

Today is our official start day but due to the very large snowfall we are going to wait till thursday for everything to dry up as the path up the hill is still very muddy.
Please start calling the 403-804-8373 number at 4pm thursday if you would like to come out for a session. Please do not leave messages just call back as I am likely talking to another student if I dont answer.

The schedule has been updated in the top right corner of this page so please have a look to make sure there is a session at the time you would like to try and come.

I also have a twitter account for the non-students to check to see if the conditions are good at least when I am there.

As a reminder students are to call the day before at 4 pm to come out the next morning. So example is I would like to fly wednesday morning so I would call 403-804-8373 at 4pm on tuesday to check for the conditions wednesday morning.

Looking forward to a great season with you all.

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