Thursday, May 26, 2011

Help Send Keith to Spain

Hi Everyone
Well its that time again....
I have made the 2011 National Paragliding Team this year and will be attending the World Championships in Spain this July. The competition starts on July 3rd and goes until the 17th. I will be leaving Calgary at the end of June to get some practice days before it starts and hopefully get to learn on my new glider before the first day. 

As some of you know I have run successful fundraisers for my adventures in the past and would like to take this opportunity to invite you to this years BIG PARTY.

This years will be slightly different in that it will be done in summer not winter so we can hold it in the Muller Windsports Shop in Cochrane.
I have done my usual and delegated some tasks for my favourite ladies who will be helping me out by making some Salads and Vincene of course is going above and beyond by picking up some boxes of Burgers and Buns.

So this year we will be cooking up some eats and of course my favourite the 50/50 draw. I will also have a jar for direct donations as well as a jar for donations to the rest of the National Team. The Team this year consists of two new members in that Brett Hazlett and Claudio Mota will be coming. I look forward to competing with my new team members and I think we have a chance to do very well.

Having the fundraiser is what helps pay for my Entry fees, Plane Tickets and Hotels. As we all know competing in the World of Paragliding is not a money making operation so help from my friends and family at home keep the dream alive. So I hope you can all attend and of course your welcome to invite others and there is also no obligation to donate as I would be happy just to see everyone before I leave anyway.

June 18th/2011 at 6:00pm or whenever you get there.
50/50 draw at 9:00pm
We will provide some Burgers and Salads
If anyone else would like to help provide some food please let me know.....

For those that can't attend and would like to be apart of the 50/50 draw please let me know and I will have my accounting department at some official sounding name accounting department look after your needs...haha.

Keith MacCullough

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Airspace Warning for Prairie Mountain Area of Alberta

To Whomever it may concern
Please be advised that it has been brought to our attention by The Senior Investigator for Transportation Safety Board of Canada that there was a close call for airspace violation in the Prairie Mountain Area of Alberta on April 24th/2011 at around 3pm mountain time involving 2 paragliders. The incident was reported by an AIRCANADA JAZZ flight crew that thought it was close enough to report it.
So lets all be more aware of where we can and cannot fly when comes to airspace in Alberta and make sure that you are in correct Airspace.
Please pass this message around to other pilots so we don't risk losing a flying site.
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