Saturday, July 9, 2011

Change of plans

So I have decided to go to europe as they wanted 2000 Euros for me to switch my ticket....haha. They only charged me about 300 to go to Munich on Monday then take my normal flight from Munich to Montreal on the 20th. So I will leave piedrahita Sunday afternoon and spend a night in a hotel in Madrid then take my flight to munich then take a train to Interlacken Switzerland. I will stay with Anders and fly around the alps and then head back to Munich and likely spend a day or two there before flying back to Canada. I have been invited to many dinners in suisse as the pilots found out I was coming which is super nice and bound to save me a bit of money.
I appreciate all the support as this not exactly what I had planned when you all chipped in for me to go to the World Paragliding Championship. I will at least get some flying and see a part of the World that I have always wanted to visit.
WIsh me luck on this new unplanned adventure

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