Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Golden Glassoff/Muller High Flights

Muller Windsports September High Flight Course
Golden, BC
Saturday September 17 & Sunday September 18
Students meet Saturday morning at 8:30am in the landing area
Saturday night BBQ.
In past years there has been the "Golden Glassoff' dressup party.  This year it's not going to happen.
Instead we are hosting a BBQ for those around.  Students, instructors and anybody else that want to participate.
The Golden Tandem pilots (Scott, Hugo and Peter) are going to provide meat for the BBQ.  Bratwurst and burgers
Mark Florence will look after the BBQ and salads.  Salads etc donated by Muller Windsports.
BYOB and drinks.
We need numbers, so if you are coming, can you please email Vincene at fly@mullerwindsports.com
Please RSVP to Vincene no later than Thursday Night
We are thinking of firing up the BBQ around 7pm on Saturday night.  It's dark at 8pm so everybody should be on the ground by 7:30pm at the latest.
Amy has generously lent us the use of the BBQ, deck and kitchen for food prep.