Friday, October 3, 2014

HPAC Exam Writing

Dear Pilots

Muller Windsports will be hosting an an HPAC Exam writing for all Paragliding and Hanggliding Exams. In years past it has been very well attended so we ask that you respond to Vincene with what exams you plan to write so John and Keith can make sure they have copy ready for you. If you are unsure what exams you qualify to write please contact Keith or John and they can help you out.
Please email Vincene to let her know:

Date: October 25th /2014
Time 9:00am
Place: Muller Windsports Shop
Bring: Pen, Paper, Calculator

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This Weekend Ground School

Hey Students
Its time for Groundschools again.
On September 6th at 1:30pm I will be doing groundschool #1 at the Muller Windsports Shop

Also the Fall Season has been very generous so far with many flights already happening. So hopefully you all find time to get back out here.


Monday, June 30, 2014

Golden High Flights

Well after a very dismal forecast we managed to get 4 pilots signed off for flying Golden this summer. Scott, Mark, Mike and Pat all had great flights with an evening session on Saturday and a Morning Session Sunday. They will hopefully have a very safe and fun filled summer getting lots of airtime. As for the rest of the students the calendar has been updated for dates in August, September and October. So hopefully see you all back in August and until then stay safe and have a Great Summer.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Many Student Flights

Hey Studentos
There have been some great flying sessions lately with Mark Damm leading the way on his new glider the Karma EVO. He has 12 flights now with Mike Reynen hot on his heals. Hopefully start seeing more of you out as the evenings get longer. The weather has not been amazing but we have still managed to get many Ground Handling sessions with many students getting their first flights as well.
See you all soon

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Update and Muller Forum

Hi Studentos
It has been a interesting couple weeks around here. The SNOW is gone from the important parts of the hill. The path up is drying quickly. We had 90km/hr winds here on Tuesday and that really helped to dry out everything. Either way we are up and running and ready to have you all come out. So same as last year with a call out @4pm for the evening sessions and @4pm the day before for morning sessions. Please check the Schedule in the top right corner of this blog for times we are available.

This past week our IT team set up a forum for News/Events and discussion about flying trips or weather and everything else including questions that others way also want to know. All the Instructors are on it so you can get different views on certain topics.
as for registering please go to

Your Username should be in the same format as everyone else which is FirstnameLastname ex. SamJones, BobSmith, HeatherSmith

So lets keep conversation polite and friendly and have fun this season.

Keith and The Rest of Your Instructor Team

Monday, March 31, 2014

Intermediate Season Update

Well I guess its time to admit the start of the season will be delayed till at least April 8th.
Please check the schedule in the top right corner of this Blog. For updates.
I will post again on the 7th with an update for the week of the 8th as well.

Looking forward to seeing the students from last Fall and the New ones for this Spring


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Reserve Clinic

Dear Pilots

Our Annual Reserve Packing Clinic will be coming up in March. Due to increasing costs, the location will be back out in Cochrane at the French School in town. Our routine is usually the experienced pilots and out of towners deploy first at 9am for the first hour. We then move to a slide show presentation and discussion. During the whole day we will be packing and checking over reserves. If any extra work needs to be done, then those reserves will be taken to the shop and packed for pick up at a later date.

If this is your first clinic or do not have your own equipment please let us know before hand so we can have extra harnesses for you to practice (No Charge)

Date:  Saturday, March 15/2014

Cost:  $50 cash other wise we need to charge gst

Time:  9am for pilots who have previously thrown their reserve at one of our Clinics ( Out of Town Pilots First )
10:30am for the Discussion Portion and the rest of the reserve throwing for everyone else
12:00pm Pizza Lunch (cost $10 if not paying for the clinic)
3:00pm last throw

Location: École Notre-Dame Des Vallees
245 Riverview Dr, Cochrane, AB T4C 1K9
Directions: Hwy 1A to town of Cochrane
Turn Left on Centre Ave ( First Left at Bottom of Big Hill )
Turn Left at 1st E (First Set of Lights)
Turn Right on River Ave
Turn Right on Riverview Drive
School on Left hand side across from the Cochrane Golf Club

Muller Windsports Ltd
Box 2018
Cochrane, AB  T4C 1B8
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