Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Update and Muller Forum

Hi Studentos
It has been a interesting couple weeks around here. The SNOW is gone from the important parts of the hill. The path up is drying quickly. We had 90km/hr winds here on Tuesday and that really helped to dry out everything. Either way we are up and running and ready to have you all come out. So same as last year with a call out @4pm for the evening sessions and @4pm the day before for morning sessions. Please check the Schedule in the top right corner of this blog for times we are available.

This past week our IT team set up a forum for News/Events and discussion about flying trips or weather and everything else including questions that others way also want to know. All the Instructors are on it so you can get different views on certain topics.
as for registering please go to

Your Username should be in the same format as everyone else which is FirstnameLastname ex. SamJones, BobSmith, HeatherSmith

So lets keep conversation polite and friendly and have fun this season.

Keith and The Rest of Your Instructor Team

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