Friday, March 24, 2017

Start of the 2017 Season

Hey Studentos
The season is right around the corner. Our plan is to start with an evening session Tuesday April 4th.
The plan is the same as previous years and that you call the student phone @ 4pm each day for the evening sessions and @ 4pm the day before for morning sessions. The phone number is 403-804-8373 and will only be turned on between 4pm and 5pm. If for some reason no one answers please just call back as it means we are likely on the other line with another student. DO NOT LEAVE MESSAGES or TEXT this phone. If you need to speak with an Instructor outside of the 4pm time frame then please call the Main Office Number 403-932-6760.

The Schedule is in the top right corner of this page and has been updated.
As for the GroundSchool they have not been set yet as I would prefer you all come out for a couple sessions before we do any of those.
Looking forward to a great season with you all and hope the weather works out for us.

Hope to see you soon

Keith and the Instructors