Friday, September 8, 2017

Fall High Flights

Dear Students and Customers

The Fall High Flight Course will be taking place on Sept.29,30 and Oct 1. The plan is to fly Friday Late Afternoon, Saturday Morning, Saturday Late Afternoon and Sunday Morning. Sounds like a large group is planning to go so should be lots of trucks going up.

As this is the end to the Mountain Season we would like to invite all the students from the past, current and future to come by for a Beer and Wine Social.

Where: Keith RV Spot ( Roughly #60 )
When: Sept. 30th around 8pm(ish to well depends on the weather)

We will supply some Beer and Wine and all you need is a chair.

As its likely the Fire Ban will still be on we may need to dress warm.

Please RSVP to the post on our Facebook Page so we can buy enough Beer and Wine


Muller Windsport Team