Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Dear Pilots

I know some of you have reached out about wanting to get the HAGAR Exam taken care of. Due to cut backs at Transport Canada they are no longer able to come to the shop to administer the Exam.
We would still like to offer the study session at Muller Windsports in the shop. Doug Skye ( Senior Paragliding Instructor) has been offering the study session for several years and will help you with everything you need to know.
As for the Exam you will need to book that with Transport Canada in NE Calgary. We will help you with the info too.

This Study Session is also very important for passing HPAC Rating Exams as many of the questions are also on those regarding Air Regulations.

When: Tuesday, November 20 at 7pm
Where: Muller Windsports Shop
Cost: 20$ cash
Includes: Map Reading and Study Material

Any other question please contact  HG pilots janssen@ucalgary.ca or PG pilots keith@mullerwindsports.com

This study session is open for all levels of pilots as its something we all have to have in order to fly XC, even if you have already written and passed its a great refresher.


Keith, John, Doug and Vincene